About Us

About our Creative Hands of Blessing

Ephraim means double fruitfulness or double blessing. We have learned that using our creativity for creating, we are doubly blessed – both in the process of creating, as well as the enjoyment of the finished creation.

We are a creative family of five, with one waiting for us in heaven. In a world of consumers, we are enjoying the blessing of creating and producing. We delight in our Creator and His loving creation of mankind, in His image. We have learned to delight in creating as well.

A little bit about each of us…

Ephraim is a creator of many things, using wood, semi-precious stones, animal horns, antlers, bone, hooves, fabric, words, music and all things percussive!
Jud creates by joy and necessity. You may find her creating with music, fabric, ideas, words, paper, food, or her camera!
Drama Princess’ favorite creations are with ideas and words. She creates characters and plots late into the night, in dramatic scenes and faraway places. She also enjoys creating with ink, embroidery floss, spices, fragrances and even chocolate! Her current greatest creative interest is in theater.
Edwina is just plain creative. From her first waking, until her eyes close at night, she enjoys creating with her voice, instruments, paper, glue, fabric, yarn, play-doh, lip balm, food, flowers, tea, hair, ribbons, stuffed animals, sticks, dogs, mud, bricks, shovels, grass, clothes, and anything else not nailed down. In fact, she also enjoys creating with some things that are nailed down. “I’ll make something out of anything I can get my hands on.”


God is the ultimate Creator of Heaven and Earth. He created YOU and has created a plan for you and your life.



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