The Work of Her Hands

When Drama Princess was just ten and a half, I gave her a stack of cloth napkins and asked her to personalize them. My thinking was it would make it easier to differentiate between them, enabling us to use them for several meals. Little did I know that she would create such tiny, lovely flowers! Suddenly my everyday napkins were cherished works of art. 🙂 She had almost no training or instruction in any type of needlework. Just lovely!


Unexpected Wardrobe Options

Eddi created this outfit for a little friend. We hope the toad was a girl. (She was a participant in our short-lived "dress & release" wildlife program.)
This is an elf costume (made of felt) in the works! The tights were constructed from an old sock! (Created by Eddi)
Our dog is in an evening gown, created by Eddi, for special walks around the block.