Too Yummy For Words!

This was inspired by a cupcake, but I can’t imagine that would make it any better. Mmmmmm!

A tender, moist sugar cookie (from scratch), topped with cream cheese frosting, strawberry slice and a blueberry.

My daughter requested them instead of cake for her birthday!

Seriously, amazing.


Science Experiment. Eh-hem.

In our recent study of rocks, we learned about the different types, layers and so forth. We decided to try this recipe to illustrate that. It had layers, including cookie, nuts, caramel and chocolate. Can’t go wrong, right? Eh-hem.

Cookie Base
We heated the white sugar until it was carmelized. Fascinating to watch!
The end result is not as distinct as I would have liked, but it was fun.

The finished product was nearly impossible to cut, chewy enough to pull teeth, with way too little chocolate! So, definitely not a recipe we’ll repeat, but we sure had fun!

Baking – “To Dye For”

Sugar Cookie with Pink Frosting
We made this frosting using ground, dried beets as a natural dye. Eddi chose to color this sugar cookie dough with some of the dried beet powder. While the dough was a lovely color, the baked finished product was not as vibrant.Drama Princess loves to get hers just so!

As a family who avoids artificial food dyes, we like to look for other ways to color foods at times. Drama Princess enjoyed learning to decorate cakes a couple of years ago. A friend gave us a set of natural, plant-based liquid dyes which we have enjoyed immensely. In our experience, frosting can be tricky. Pastels work beautifully, but the more liquid added, the more runny the frosting becomes. We looked into buying beet powder, but it was pretty pricey. It was also tricky to find instructions! In the summer, we took beets (grown in a friend’s garden! 🙂 ) and dehydrated them. I kept them for over a year before I got around to borrowing a coffee grinder and trying to grind it! It ground nicely and then I ran it through a sieve to remove any larger pieces. (Those I ground again.) We have experimented twice so far with this, as pictured here. We were really tickled pink with the results!

Eddi decided to add the dehydrated beet powder to create pink sugar cookies. The dough was gorgeous, but once baked, the cookies were not as vibrant.
Drama Princess likes hers to be as perfect as possible!
I have never understood how the flour gets all the places it gets!