Egyptian Shepherd?

One of the great things about homeschooling is the time and opportunity to more freely explore interests within an area of study. During a recent exploration of Ancient Egypt, Eddi fashioned this lovely paper headdress for the dog.

She wears it with dignity, don't you think?

Dog House.

When you move, you need boxes. You need more boxes than you can imagine you will need. Like, more boxes than you know exist. When we moved last year, we were thankful to be able to find many, many boxes from countless sources.

Having the freshly emptied boxes was fertile, creative ground. And thus was born this dog house, for our recently retired dog.

This flap was cut to make a treat door. This is how Eddi taught the dog to come into her new house!

Dog Treats!

In the last year, our senior aged dog made the transition to retirement!

After over ten years of providing us watchful protection as an outdoor dog on our rural land, guarding house, children, cats, chickens, ducks and goats, we moved to a small neighborhood and she became an indoor pet.

She has transitioned beautifully! To help with that, she does get plenty of treats for doing her “business” outdoors, so we have gone through them quickly!

I decided to give making them a try. Years ago we tried making them from miscellaneous grains, but I wanted to keep this simple. I took “day-old” bread and cut it into small pieces. I tried them in a warm oven and left them there overnight. The result was great! She loved them and it cost us almost nothing!

A few days ago, after browning a large package of ground beef, I drained off the fat – ewww! I had a batch of bread treats ready in the oven, so I had Eddi dab the drippings on to the bread. We then returned them to a warm oven and left them overnight again.

The dog LOVES them!