Feet for Arms.

For the hunter in your life who has everything.

The perfect landing spot for your cammo and blaze orange.

Seriously, I have the most creative husband in the world.


Checkers, anyone?

Ephraim created a stunning checker board, using small tiles from a home improvement store. He attached them to the wooden base, framed it and added protective feet. The children were able to help too! It is sturdy and beautiful. For the checkers, he made small slices of wood, sanded them and painted them coordinating colors.



When Ephraim was in the Amazon Rainforest a couple of years ago, he brought home bracelets, made from dried Acai seeds. He has used one to create beautiful earrings. Here is a sampling.

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Here, Turkey-Turkey…

This turkey wing bone call is  made from the small and large bones in the turkey. This is believed to be the second call every used to call turkeys, after the Indian method of calling with vocal sounds.  The call is used by “kissing” into the end, which makes a turkey sound.  This is an old-fashioned call, that many no longer know how to make, yet it is simple.

To hear its sound – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKjdWTiKHLI&feature=youtu.be


A Dear Deer Cane

Ephraim made this cane for his uncle. The hoof is "real" and the wood from a banister spindle.
The hoof was attached using a wood dowel, which is actually metal. The small disc a cross section of antler.
The detailing pattern was created with a wood burning tool.
The trim material is leather cording, attached with epoxy, covering the seam.

From the ground

This turquoise focal point was dug from the ground in the western U.S. by an Apache Indian. He gave the stone to Ephraim, who made this with it.
The turquoise is combined with wood, buffalo bone and more turquoise.