~ love in the morning ~

i <3 cinnamon rolls!

To make an extra special breakfast treat, without much effort, I tried these heart-shaped cinnamon rolls. You can do the same with canned rolls or homemade. My family was delighted.


Birthday Cat Cake

Our family is often on the look-out for fun food ideas. We recently made a pound cake for a friend’s birthday. But how to dress it up? After all, you can really frost a pound cake. Here is the result: a fitting cat for one of our favorite cat lovers!

Birthday Cat CakeThe dear little face is fashioned after our friend’s cat, but you can adapt this idea to nearly animal.

Eddi made the front and back images of the head and secured them to a skewer, cut for the proper length. She repeated this to have a tail coming up from the opposite end of the cake. FUN!

Image by Eddi.

A Magnificent Cake


When Drama Princess was ten, she started to show interest in cake decorating. She wanted to thoroughly explore it. A friend kindly came and gave her a lengthy lesson in our living room. At the age of eleven, she created this fun cake for a friend’s sixth birthday. It was her idea and she did it all herself!

Drama Princess used cake pillars to add extra excitement to this cake!
The eyes and nose are large, inverted chocolate chips. How cute is that??!!

It was almost too cute to eat.


All Things Apples

Drama Princess loves apples.



No, seriously, she *loves* apples! Yesterday, she enjoyed an apple with her spaghetti, as she often does. This time, however, she fashioned a presentation before eating it! 🙂 Even a lovely bow!


Drama Princess' photo of her creation - in her preferred black and white!



A Pear of Bunnies

Obviously, some like greens more than others!

We made these cute little pear bunnies at a slumber party. We made available the following materials:

  • Lettuce and fresh dill – for their beds and mini-carrot tops
  • Canned pear halves – for their bodies
  • Cottage cheese – for their tails
  • Carrot slices, cut diagonally, to make long ovals – for ears and to put as mini-carrots beside the bunnies
  • Cloves – for eyes
  • Dry Wasabi Peas – for noses
The carrot slices are inserted into the pear to make ears.
Note the "mini-carrot" in the front. 🙂

How cute is that??!!